Local veterinarian weighs in on parvo and distemper in Odessa

Local veterinarian weighs in on parvo and distemper in Odessa

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Lately, there's been warmer temperatures in the Permian Basin due to a mild winter and families are now taking out their new puppies from Christmas and intermingling their dogs.

This is many times how parvo cases increase but there's one piece of advice to protect your sweet puppy at home.

"Make sure they get them vaccinated and don't take them to public places until they've had all their vaccines," Nikki Williams, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine said. "Don't take them to PetSmart, the dog parks, anywhere out in public until they've had all their shots."

Dogs excrete the parvo virus in their vomit and diarrhea and because of this, the virus can stay on the ground for a long time.

"You may not have had a dog in the yard for a while and you just moved to this house," Williams said. "But the yard still may be contaminated with parvo if there was a puppy that had parvo in the past in the yard and it can live in the dirt and in the soil for many years."

Williams said another virus is also on the rise.

One that typically occurs in young puppies and can be fatal.

"Distemper wasn't a very common disease you know you may kinda hear about it in vet school but you wouldn't really see very much of it and we've recently started seeing a few more cases of distemper," Williams said.

Unlike parvo, distemper is more deadly.

Some dogs with parvo may die, but they usually recover.

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