Former "The Voice" contestants performing in Midland Thursday night

Former "The Voice" contestants performing in Midland Thursday night

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - From playing on national TV in front of millions, to preforming a show at Midlands own Rockin' Rodeo, Austin Allsup and Josh Gallagher have seen it all.

Allsup and Gallagher say they actually prefer it compared to all the stress and people telling them what to do when they were on "The Voice."

But in the end, there's only one thing that matters.

"You know going from that stage to these stages, you're all still playing music for the fans," said Allsup.

"You still treat them the same really. Whether there's one person or a thousand," said Gallagher. "It don't matter. You play it like you normally would any other gig. Just a little smaller stage, that's all."

This isn't Allsup's first time in the Basin, but the fans he's experienced here have him coming back for more.

"The people are very kind out here," said Allsup. "Reminds me of back home, just a good, hard working people. They know how to go out, have a good time. Especially on a Thursday night."

The two plan on playing a mixture of their own music they've written and of course some classics for the fans to hear, and Allsup said another plus is for the fans to hear not just him, but Josh as well.

"I'm always excited to play my show,' said Allsup. "But I'm really  excited for everyone to get to hear Josh. Him being able to come down and play for our good Texas music fans, who really just like good music."

The two began warming up around six Thursday evening, but they officially planned to take the stage sometime after 10.

Tickets are $12 at the door.

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