Midland rancher donates $30,000 worth of hay, auctions hunt to help Panhandle

Midland rancher donates $30,000 worth of hay, auctions hunt to help Panhandle

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Support for the Panhandle wildfire victims continues to pour out from West Texas.

One Midland rancher, Tallian Thompson, is taking it into his own to hands to help displaced animals get fed.

"I'd give them everything I got if I could but you just do what you can."

Tallian Thompson is a Midland rancher, he's been in the cattle business his whole life. Thompson doesn't have any connections to the Panhandle but he said the victims of the devastating wildfires are his ranching family.

"Growing up in it and being in the cattle business for quite some time and then you look up and you lose everything you've got," said Thompson. "If you lose a cow you didn't just lose your crop for this year, that cow is going to produce for years to come. These people aren't just losing their income for this year but for years out."

Thompson paid for $30,000 worth of hay to send up north and finding any way he can to get it there.

"It's tragic and I don't even know how I would feel if this were to take place here," said Thompson. "I do know this, that if did take place here those people up in the Panhandle they would be sending hay, help, funds, money, trucks, whatever they could do to help us. It's just Texas, it's how we do business."

Thompson is also auctioning off a hunt in Stonewall County. You can find that on his Facebook page. Currently the high bid sits at $12,000, all that cash will also go to the Panhandle.

"God is good and we're blessed to be a blessing," said Thompson. "If you're not trying to help other people, in my opinion, you're wasting space."

On Thursday Gov. Greg Abbott put a hold on some permit requirements and transportation restrictions. This will allow supplies like hay to get to the Panhandle more quickly.

The Texas A&M Agrilife Extension said about 4,200 large round bales of hay are needed to feed displaced animals over the next two weeks.

To donate to the families who lost love ones in the fire, visit this GoFundMe page.

To donate to help local fire departments with equipment, send checks to:
"WAAIC- Wildfire Fire Departments" Relief Fund 
PO Box 489, Wheeler, TX 79096.

To donate to help pay for fencing and feed for livestock, send checks to:
"WAAIC - Wildfire Relief Fund" 
PO Box 489, Wheeler, TX 79096

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