Local tech expert talks privacy, security in growing digital age

Local tech expert talks privacy, security in growing digital age

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - With phones, computers and even televisions technology is everywhere. Experts believe it means more eyes could be watching you. So, the best way to protect yourself is to stay ahead and be smarter about what you're doing.

Dennis Sever, Vice President of Information Technology and Facilities at Midland College said, "The Constitution of the United States does not guarantee a person privacy. It gives us a lot of rights but not privacy."

Sever has been keeping a close eye on the classified information of faculty and students at Midland College for over 30 years. He said you can't out run technology.

"When you go on the Internet you're taking a chance. If you go to Walgreens, or Facebook, eBay, even Twitter your taking a chance somebody can be watching you," said Sever.

The connection is also too easy.

"If you go to Amazon or Google and you do a search from right here in Midland, Texas, for snow blowers, the next thing you know you are going to start seeing adds for snow blowers in your Gmail or Yahoo accounts," said Sever.

Knowing that, Sever added you should always be aware by switching up passwords, use hold mail when you are away or even just watching what you click online.

"The best security in the world can be defeated by laziness, apathy, or incompetence," said Sever.

In a time where Wi-Fi can be available everywhere, experts like Sever said staying ahead of the curve is your best option.

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