Local butcher competes for "Best Butcher" title in Houston

Local butcher competes for "Best Butcher" title in Houston

HOUSTON, TX (KWES) - Some of the state's best butchers competed last weekend with the hopes of being named, "Best Butcher in Texas". One of those at the regionals in Houston was Midland's own Hunter Dieringer.

"I truly, truly love meat as a whole, not just beef, everything. To be here and show my skills for beef is just one thing I take a lot of self-pride in," said Dieringer.

Dieringer said his self-pride comes from almost 30 years of beef experience.

"I literally saw a processing plant before I saw my own home as a child. I got my first set of knives when I was about six years old," said Dieringer.

Equipped with knives, gloves and a knife roll Dieringer got to work and was judged his different cuts of meat, technique, creativity, presentation, and consumer interaction.

"It's a very fine art that not a lot of people have and those that do have the talent and skill are greatly appreciated in the industry so that we can help feed America and Texas at that."

Dieringer wasn't named the winner of the Houston regionals but being named a finalist now gives him a little cache at work and on the grill. If you want to catch Dieringer and chop it up about beef you can find him at the HEB on Andrew Highway off of Loop 250.

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