103-year-old longtime Midland resident struggling to fix fire damaged home

103-year-old longtime Midland resident struggling to fix fire damaged home

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Longtime Midland resident, Narcie Mae Clemons, 103,  is struggling to find a way to fix her fire and smoke damaged home.

"Her possessions are the only thing that she has left," said Isaac Garnett, Clemons' grandson.

The fire is out and the smoke has cleared, but questions remain on how to rebuild.

"She is 103 years old and still lives here by herself. She's always been independent and we want her to stay that way. Because of the fire, she doesn't have a home to come to at this point," said Garnett.

Clemons has lived in the same home on the 500 block of South Clay St. on the south side of Midland since 1945.

"This was one of the first homes in this whole, well, before this neighborhood was a neighborhood," said Garnett.

Recently she went away for two weeks to get care for an infection and a fire broke out in her bedroom, completely destroying her bed, clothes and other items. The rest of the home has smoke damage, making it uninhabitable.

"She's kind of resolute but we know she is hurting. She's kind of up and down about it and I told her we are going to do our best to fix the house," said Garnett.

The Fire Marshal's office believes someone came in through the back door of her home and it appears someone may have been smoking inside.

"She's an anchor in this community and it's hard for me to see this happen to her at this time in her life," said Garnett.

The Fire Marshal said they aren't investigating this fire as arson because it doesn't seem like it was set intentionally. They also couldn't say if they believe squatters were involved.

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