Local residents helping our neighbors in the Panhandle

Local residents helping our neighbors in the Panhandle

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Local members of our community are finding ways to lend a hand to our neighbors affected by the wildfires in the Panhandle.

Midland County 4-H has decided to collect bottled water for the firefighters battling the wildfires, asking the public for help with donations.

Jeff Floyd, with the County Extensions office said the support has been great.

"The phone has just been ringing off the wall," said Floyd.

One Midlander learned about the water collection on Facebook Wednesday morning and immediately wanted to help.

"I knew that was something I could immediately help with so I went to the nearest store and put as many 18 packs of water in my car, said Vicki Rymal.

Rymal dropped off 15 packs of water on Wednesday morning.

"It's not a big contribution but critical to what's going on in the Panhandle right now and my prayers are the best I can do from this location," Rymal said.

A local 4-H volunteer will be hauling the water to the Panhandle this weekend.

You can drop off water at the Extension Office in Midland located at 2445 East Highway 80 until noon on Friday or contact them at (432) 686-4700 for more ways to help.

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