Midland man wins brisket championship in Houston

Midland man wins brisket championship in Houston

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Midland Meat Company takes pride in their meat. They have butchers who spend hours chopping up high quality beef.
"We kinda let the meat talk for itself," said John Scharbauer. "Little by little, we're getting people to eat it. Once they try it, it'll change the way they think about beef."

Jayde Henley, a contractor with Henley Metal Buildings is no stranger when it comes to barbecuing.

"Keep it simple," said Henley. "I just loved doing it in the backyard where it started."

And it's paid off at the 2017 World's Championship Bar-B-Que Contest in Houston this weekend. It's one of the biggest barbecue cook-offs in Texas.

Henley won first place out of 149 contestants for the best brisket and 2nd runner-up overall.

"Feels great, I couldn't believe it, I was just glad to be there," Henley said. "We'll be on the road again this weekend."

One of Midland Meat Company's cooks, Andrew Heckman, received second runner-up for the brisket spot.

"At an event like Houston, it's a real special thing for Midland," said Scharbauer. "Just to be noticed that we probably have one of the best brisket cookers in the country, and he lives right here in Midland, Texas. People think of Midland as, 'Hey let's make it the brisket capital of the world, let's make it that."

But what's the key to cooking the best brisket?

The answer is simple for Henley. "Midland Meat," he said. What's the secret? "Midland Meat Company."

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