Diet fads that aren't healthy

Diet fads that aren't healthy

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Juicing is a trendy diet you may be trying at home. Instead of eating the vegetables on a plate, you just throw them in a blender and drink it instead. So why is it unhealthy for you?

"When you juice, you reduce the amount of fiber that is in what you're drinking so you're not getting as much fiber, which isn't as fat and fine," said Karleigh Jurek, Corporate Dietitian at Market Street. "And if you're only drinking juices, you're also going to be missing out on those healthy fats and some protein."

Jurek said you miss out on a lot of important nutrients. For those of you who are juicing fruits at home for smoothies, it can ultimately lead to weight gain because of all the natural sugars. A major reason its trending, the low calories.

"It's a very low calorie diet," said Jurek. "Because essentially all you're getting is fruits and vegetables and so it will lead to some weight loss, but it's not gonna be sustainable weight loss since it is so low calorie. It can even kill your metabolism or slow down your metabolism."

The gluten-free diet is also popular.

While some may need it depending on their health, if you are doing it for weight loss, it may not be the best route.

"A gluten-free diet isn't necessarily a healthy option especially if you do the gluten-free packaged products," said Jurek. "Those are actually higher in calories and fat versus the traditional options so it could even lead to weight gain."

Another diet that is always trending is detoxers and cleansers. Jurek said there is already a detoxer built within the body.

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