Helpful tips when severe weather hits

Helpful tips when severe weather hits

(KWES) - Just in Texas this year, the state has had 28 tornadoes.

"Now is the best time to prepare for bad weather season," said Chris Pilcic with StateFarm.

In the event your home gets torn from a tornado or blown away from the strong winds, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

1. Check your insurance policy.

"Make sure what coverage you have and what your deductible might be, If you are victim of storm damage, you know what to expect and how to get back on your feet quickly," said Pilcic.

2. Have an evacuation plan and an emergency kit ready.

3. Move outdoor belongings like patio furniture inside and park your cars in the garage.

4. You might not even think about this tip, but close your blinds and drapes. This stops broken glass from getting in and reduces the amount of damage you have inside your home.

5. Conduct a home inventory, if your home does get storm damage, evaluate the property and take pictures and video of the area to document the damages. In the meantime, have temporary repairs for your damages.

"Those temporary repairs are preventing further damage and those are covered under your insurance policy so you'll get the money back for those items," said Pilcic.

And for future reference, know who you're calling to assess the damage.

"There are a lot of good contractors out there, but unfortunately there are a lot of people that try to take advantage of a situation. get all your estimates, don't pay for anything up front and have everything in writing," said Pilcic.

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