Odessa College new mobile Fab Lab to debut in Austin next week

Odessa College new mobile Fab Lab to debut in Austin next week

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - From 4000 square feet, to being able to fit in a trailer, Odessa College's mobile Fab Lab doesn't miss a beat and includes all the same equipment the regular fab lab on campus has.

Cedric Bliemling, Fab Lab Director said, "3-D printers, laser cutters, a CNC which is a machine that can cut through wood for example."

It's the schools work in STEM; Science Technology Engineering and Math that officials and congressmen in Austin would like to hear about. Bliemling said this trip could help bring more interests from students in these subjects.

"It's not replacing traditional education. It's more of an add-on where project based learning and hands-on experience attracts those students to actually go further and learn better," said Bliemling.

Given to the school through a grant from Chevron, the new mobile fab lab allows Bliemling and others the chance to get pick up and move to places like the state capital to be able to share their technology.

"It's an important part in the future of education," said Bliemling.

When you see the mobile fab lab on campus don't be fooled by size because there's a lot going on when you walk in. For Bliemling and others at Odessa College, their future consists of talking to state leaders and a big education expo next week.