Odessa Police's Officers of the Month catch vandals

Odessa Police's Officers of the Month catch vandals

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Odessa Police's Fab 5 for the month of February, put in more work for the month of March. In a matter of days, the Criminal Investigations Division Burglary Unit arrested 18-year-old Logan Dennis and 17-year-old Dustin Jones, both are suspected of burglarizing a local church and causing thousands in damages.

Corporal Roy Ramos said, "We followed up on it. We went and interviewed them from the jail. They both confessed to burglarizing Holy Redeemer."

Never wanting the spotlight the officers say doing what they do, catching those who do wrong is all apart of the job.

Corporal Sam Chavez said, "We all play a part, whether it's interviewing, we all take a piece in it."

The unit says from lead detectives to patrol officers understanding what the game plan is, in this instance the two suspects in the burglary case makes everything easier.

"We communicate with them in what to look for and who to look we're looking for. So a lot of them they are the first responders, so a lot of it is their part. They're preventing a bunch of that," said Chavez.

The next time a burglary is reported in Odessa you can count Corporal Rene Chavez, Detective Corporal Sam Chavez, Sergeant Ryan Thompson, Detective Corporal Josh Aguilar and Detective Corporal Roy Ramos will be the ones to solve it.

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