Preparing for allergy season in West Texas

Preparing for allergy season in West Texas

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - As we prepare for the warmer weather here in West Texas, one thing we cannot predict is the crazy weather changes and allergies that come along with it.

"Out here in West Texas, we have kind of a continuous allergy season unfortunately. We don't get a lot of the freezing weather to kind of kill everything off so we really with allergies, we see symptoms year round," said Dr. Miguel Wolbert with West Texas Allergy.

Although we see allergies year round, the end of Winter into the beginning of Spring tends to be a time where allergists will see an increase in patients suffering from allergies.

"This time of year is especially bad because weather changes so drastically, so frequently, so people can't really get used the environment," said Wolbert.

With flu season still around for a few more weeks, often we struggle with knowing if we are sick or if it's just allergies.

"Patients ask all the time, "Is this allergy causing problems or am I sick right now?" It can be tricky to tease those out. Usually, with signs of infection those hit kind of acutely and we see other symptoms associated with that. Fevers, sore throat, just feeling run down and malaise. Allergies won't cause someone to have a fever. You can still feel cruddy with them, but they won't cause you to have a fever," said Wolbert.

If you want to know more on how to treat allergies, you can find more information about allergy testing at West Texas Allergy here.

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