Midland man helps kids and parents during parent pick up

Midland man helps kids and parents during parent pick up

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Earl Wade started volunteering his time every afternoon at Lamar Elementary School in Midland to make sure the kids get back home safely.

"Main thing is to take care of the kids, make sure they're safe. Help the mothers and dads come pick up their children in a safe, fun environment," said Wade.

Since Earl heard the news of the junior high student who passed away after being hit on his way to school Friday morning, he wants to make sure everyone is more cautious when driving in school zones.

"I want the parents to pay attention," said Wade. "They're God's gift to us, the children, and over the weekend I thought hard over it and I'd really like to see everyone paying attention and taking care of our kids."

Earl started volunteering at Lamar in September and has seen parent pickup become more safe at Lamar.

"What I really like is they're paying attention to the children when they're going across the crosswalk," said Wade.

If you ever find yourself driving in a school zone when kids are showing up or leaving school, Wade wants to make sure you remember a few simple things that can help ensure safety.

"If you get in to a school zone, put the phone down. Pay attention," said Wade.

If you or someone you know wants to volunteer as a crosswalk guard at a local school in your area, Wade says to check with your school's principal or with One Hope Church of Christ in Midland or North "A" Church of Christ to volunteer.

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