Odessa police still looking for a man who took inappropriate photos of girl

Odessa police still looking for a man who took inappropriate photos of girl

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Taking photos on your smart phone seems harmless until you snap them the wrong and illegal way.

Odessa police are still on the lookout for a man that walked into a Dollar General on 120 W Clements Street last Thursday night. A 14-year-old girl, who was shopping with her parents, were at an aisle when the girl heard a shutter noise coming from below her. Police said the man was taking photos up the girl's skirt.

After the suspect was confronted by her parents, he dropped his grocery basket and ran out the store. But surveillance cameras caught a glimpse of what he looks like.

"We do believe there is someone out there who knows who this person is," said Corporal Steve LeSueur with the Odessa Police Department. "We need them to come forward immediately and report it. We take this very serious. This is being investigated as invasive visual recording, which is a state jail felony."

Police believe the suspect may live in the area since he fled the scene on foot. We weren't able to bring our cameras inside the store but we were able to take a look around. There's not only several surveillance cameras inside the store, but there's also visible surveillance monitors between the aisles. But even with those cameras rolling, that didn't stop the suspect from snapping a photo.

"I think it does happen more than people realize," said LeSueur. "This is just one that was reported to us."

Odessa police said situations like this aren't very uncommon.

"One investigation revealed one to two years ago, dozens of dozens of these incidents were happening and the victims didn't know it until later," said LeSueur.

So what can you do when you suspect a person taking inappropriate photos of you or your child?

"Anytime someone commits a serious crime, especially this crime, you have the right to detain that person, basically holding them down until police arrive on scene," said LeSueur.

If you have an idea or know who this person is, call Odessa Crime Stoppers at (432) 333-TIPS. The suspect is described as Hispanic, about 5'6," wearing a brown work shirt with the name tag "Jesus" sewn on.

Police have received several questions regarding the name of the work company that was on the suspect's jacket. However, police were unable to find the company name due to the store camera's video quality.

On 2-23-17 at approximately 2019 hours, an unknown male was observed at Dollar General, located at 120 West Clements, taking photos of a 14-year-old female up her skirt. The victim reported hearing a “shutter” noise while a photo was taken of her. When the victim turned around, the suspect was holding a cell phone below her skirt with the camera facing upwards. When confronted by the victim’s parents, the suspect fled southbound on Grant on foot. The suspect is described as a Hispanic male, approximately 5’6”, wearing a brown work short with a name tag of “Jesus” sewn on it. Anyone with information in reference to the identity of the suspect shown below is encouraged to contact OPD or Odessa Crime Stoppers at 432-333-TIPS and reference Case #17-4344.

Posted by Odessa Police Department on Friday, February 24, 2017

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