Superheroes visit NICU babies in Odessa

Superheroes visit NICU babies in Odessa

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - For most people, Peter Parker is the secret identity of Spider-Man. But for the babies at the Odessa Regional Medical Center Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, his name is Timothy Linder.

Linder has been dressing up as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, The Dark Knight and other super heroes for four years now. It's a hobby of his, inspired by his love for kids, and his desire to help out parents.

"I have a lot of parents telling me thank you," said Linder. "Really, it's a thank you to them because they're the ones that inspire me to do what I do and it's just a wonderful feeling to be able to help out."

This time, helping others turned personal for Linder, as his first born son was one of the patients.

"Since I've done this for so long, I wanted to come in as Spider-Man," said Linder. "I was hoping they'd let me come in just to see my child, I just wanted to take a picture with him. Because I hope that one day, he can go and he can travel and do the things I do and I hope he has a passion with that as well."

The NICU nurses saw this and took the opportunity to have him dress up as Spidey and Batman for the rest of the kids to have pictures.

"It was amazing," said ORMC nurse Vickie Mosely. "It just makes your heart feel good that there's somebody out there who cares how we care, how we feel and how the parents feel."

Linder described the moment as perfect and special, especially since this was the first time he gets to visit children as a father.

"I know, especially now as a dad, that you don't let anybody in to see your child," said Linder. "You kind of have to have that trust and you have to earn that trust. That's very special to me because these parents trust me and I love that."

Linder said though the babies in the NICU may not actually remember his visit, a picture will document the moment and for Linder it's worth every second to help out the other parents.

His son, Wyatt, was released from the hospital on Monday.

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