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Artists share artwork at Unapologetically Black to inspire

Johnathan Smith's artwork (Source: KWES) Johnathan Smith's artwork (Source: KWES)
Black Love by Tyra Goodley (Source: KWES) Black Love by Tyra Goodley (Source: KWES)
Johnathan Smith explains his art (Source: KWES) Johnathan Smith explains his art (Source: KWES)
Tyra Goodley (left) (Source: KWES) Tyra Goodley (left) (Source: KWES)
(Source: KWES) (Source: KWES)

The Black History Month event called Unapologetically Black kicked off in Midland this weekend.
The three day event showcased black culture and art. An art show showcased artists of different mediums. They said they hope their art can inspire others to do something they love or try something new.

One of the artists, Tyra Goodley, has spent 20 years as a professional artist. She has sold over 7,000 art pieces around the country.

"Art has always been a part of me," said Goodley. "Art is everything we see. Art is synonymous to life."

Another artist, Johnathan Smith is a painter working at Sul Ross. 

"Most people who don't know me, they're surprised that I paint," said Smith. "They're usually, 'Oh, you play football?' I say, 'No, I just paint.'"

Both of their works were showcased at Mt. Rose Baptist Church's celebration of Black History Month.

"Black culture has underrated attention," said Goodley. "The more we understand what black culture is, the more we can respect it. It is imperative we respect black culture because in respecting it, all cultures can learn about themselves."

Although both artists contain different styles, their works delve into representations of black culture. 

"I just like to paint the expressions of people," said Smith. "That's what catches me."

With many series from love to cancer survivors, Goodley has a series she calls Black Love where she supports black pride, economic development and wealth building for black communities.

"We have to return to loving ourselves because when we do, it allows for our communities to grow and our families to grow as well," she said.

And even through their subjects, they continue to share encouragement, inspiration and hope to others.

"I want people to know that life is about living so get out and be inspired," said Goodley. "If nature inspires you, take a hike. If art inspires you, go to a gallery. If you used to do something, go back to doing it again. Do what you love."

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