Funeral home offers discount to family of child hit by car

Funeral home offers discount to family of child hit by car

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - American Heritage Funeral Homes typically offers discounted rates for those 12 years and younger. However, when owner David Cole and his wife heard about the death of 13-year-old Xavier Curiel, they couldn't help but make an exception.

"Gosh man, that is a lot harder to answer than it sounds isn't it," asked Cole.

The passing of Xavier has brought many in the Permian Basin together to help his mother in any way possible.

That means everyone, from friends, strangers to even the funeral home owner.

"For me it was just very near and dear to my heart," said Cole. "Having a young son that's 12 years old, so close to the age of the loss of this family. It really just, oh man. It just touches you to the core that this family has an empty room that was once there."

Soon after hearing of the accident, Cole and his wife reached out to the family, and are now working on preparing Xavier's funeral, with the help of a hefty discount.

A cousin, Milly Nevarez said there isn't enough times they can say thank you and she knows Xavier is proud a huge weight has been lifted off his mothers shoulders.

"He always felt like he had to take care of his mom and be the man of the house," said Nevarez. "So I think just knowing that everyone is helping take care of his mom at this time, would put a smile on his face. I know it."

For the family, they don't know how to thank him enough, and are still trying to find any way they possibly could.

"How do you do that," asked Nevarez. "How do you continue to have a successful business and still have the heart to want to be able to do that. It just amazes me that they are able to offer that and I'm hoping that some day I'll be able to help pay that back."

For now, Xaviers Mother Adrian and the rest of the family are trying to plan all of his services, but nothing is official yet.

They said they want to continue to thank the community for all its help and promise the money is not going to waste.

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