Knights of Columbus hosting 18th annual Casino Knight

Knights of Columbus hosting 18th annual Casino Knight

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - With all the sights and sounds of New Orleans in one room, you wouldn't even know you're in Odessa.

St. Mary's and the Knights of Columbus are putting on their 18th annual Casino Knight at the St. Mary's Wellness Center.

They've got all kinds of games, from Black Jack, to Craps and even door prizes for those with tickets.

"It's like actually going to Vegas, the tables are nice and big," said event coordinator Willie Balerio. "Very professional, it's like going to an actual casino. We have that kind of ambiance throughout the event."

The money isn't just going to be wasted either, as they typically raise around $50,000 each year.

This year, along with the silent auction, they're looking to at least match that.

The money goes to the school, which is private so doesn't get public funding, and has done great things for them in the past.

"They've had a renovation done about two years ago to the central building," said Balerio. "The actual start up money to that capital campaign that was raised, the initial money was from this casino knight."

The event lasts until midnight and tickets at the door are $50.

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