Mother-daughter duo patrol streets for nearly 20 years

Mother-daughter duo patrol streets for nearly 20 years

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Bad boys! Bad boys! Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when Gloria and Trichelle are keeping an eye on you?

Trichelle Barber said, "It does seem like crime was finding us and we just decided instead of letting it come to us, let's just go find it ourselves."

Gloria Youngblood said,"We enjoy it more than sitting home and watching television, because that's not real life. This is real."

For seventeen years, Gloria Youngblood and Trichelle Barber have been apart of the Midland Police Department's Citizens on Patrol program. No two days have ever been the same for the pair.

"We have seen burglaries of vehicles. We've seen disturbances between husband and wife, friends, fights at bars," said Barber.

Equipped with a radio from police, the duo is always ready to spring into action.

"We get the briefing notes for the day before then we can see if there were any burglaries in neighborhoods or hot spots we need to be working," said Youngblood.

Mom and daughter have put in around 100 hours a month which adds up to nearly 1200 a year. Not to mention, they love to work overnight because they said they are night owls. Doing this for so long, they don't see safety as an issue.

"In order to want to do this, you've got not really be a scardey cat. You've got to have a little adventure in you I think," said Youngblood.

The duo said in their experiences they've been called to stand trials as witnesses and through it all being on patrol with one another has made their bond stronger.

"A lot of family members don't get along with each other but I feel like it gives us more of a time together and get closer and talk about the day's happenings," said Barber.

"Sometimes I have to remind her about, ok slow down a little bit because you do get focused on trying to go to a call or look for something," said Youngblood.

Being a citizen on patrol in their family hasn't stopped at the two of them, Barber's daughters also patrol when they have the time.

The duo plans to continue patrolling as long as they can.

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