MISD, City of Midland respond to fatal accident

MISD, City of Midland respond to fatal accident

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - At the school where the 13-year-old Midland teen attended, there wasn't a dry eye in the room, as counselors and staff are looking to help the students move on from the tragic incident Friday morning.

The death of the San Jacinto Junior High student is being felt throughout the community, as many parents went to the school to be with their children.

MISD said they are hurt by the report and are sending their thoughts and prayers to the family of the student. They also said they are funneling their resources into the school.

"Our crisis team immediately responded and will continue to provide support as long as necessary," said MISD in a statement Friday.

The City of Midland said this accident is the first fatal of the year, but that's not all that makes it hard to work.

"It's sad anytime you have an accident, a fatal accident especially," said Sara Bustilloz with the city. "Even more so when it's a child. But you know, our police, they know it's a possibility they can respond to this kind of accident any day. But something about it being a child makes it even more sad."

Although the vehicle who hit the teenager did not break any laws, the city said it is important for everyone, pedestrians and drivers alike, to keep an extra eye out at all times.

"I mean it's kind of a two way street," said Bustilloz. "Obviously if there's a cross walk, you should be crossing at it. Then also, drivers should be looking for pedestrians, especially in the downtown area, just driving defensively. Because obviously, no body wanted this to happen."

The driver is not facing any charges as of 3:30 Friday afternoon.

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