Dash cam footage released from Midland officer roll over

Dash cam footage released from Midland officer roll over

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - We've just gotten our hands on dash cam footage from the accident where a Midland police officer lost control of his car and rolled over.

It happened in November 2016 and wasn't released until now. Officer Jacob Churchwell has undergone a great amount of treatment since.

dash cam footage pinpoints the moment Officer Jacob Churchwell sped up to chase a reckless driver. The chase starts on Highway 191 then continues on Loop 250.

In the video, you can see the where the police car is swerving between lanes trying to catch up. Officer Churchwell turns on his police lights and sirens and speeds up.

At one point, Officer Churchwell does start to catch up to the rider, but the rider doesn't stop.

The chase continues on Loop 250.

After Officer Churchwell switches from the left to right lane, he loses control of his car at the curb south of Business 20 on Loop 250. That's when the vehicle rolls over.

Internal camera footage also shows the moments he lost control of the car. Soon after many drivers stop to help Officer Churchwell and even flipped the car off its side.

Emergency responders arrive on scene shortly after.

Officer Churchwell came back home to Midland this week but has not gone back to work.

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