Midland Memorial responds to sit-in by local mothers

Midland Memorial responds to sit-in by local mothers

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - 23 Midland mothers gathered outside Midland Memorial Hospital Thursday, most of them with something in common.

They say, that in some way, their experience at the hospital wasn't what they wished it to be.

So Thursday, with some help from the hospital itself, they organized a sit-in with an idea exchange session.

"I think that's a very fair and reasonable approach," said President of the hospital, Russell Meyers. "They've listed some things they would like to see us do. Many of which, we already do. Perhaps we could do them better. Perhaps we could inform the families of the community about what we do. But it seems to be a very healthy exchange."

Despite saying they already have many of the policies and ideas for directions in place, the hospital said there may be some better approaches to make sure they are being seen.

"The question for me is are we doing so consistently? Are our families understanding what we do and how we're responding to their needs?" said Meyers. "I don't think any of that appears to be extraordinarily difficult but there are many different professionals involved."

Officials at the hospital will continue to look through the list provided by the group and hope to continue working with them in a peaceful, cooperative manner.

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