Special Report: What will the 4B tax used for?

Special Report: What will the 4B tax used for?

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - "It's my vision to improve our quality of life," said Midland Mayor Jerry Morales.

Midland Mayor Jerry Morales and the city council believe extending the 4B tax would be a great opportunity to revitalize Midland.

"This is a great opportunity to take advantage of a sales tax that's already in place. It's not a new tax. Pay the old debt off and we won't go after any new debt, but yet we can still improve all parks in Midland," said Morales.

More specifically, the money from the tax would be used toward three specific parks that are in need of work.

"Hogan Park would be the first park. We could take that 80 acres and rebuild it totally and put it in actual tournament playing fields in addition to 6.2 miles of walking/hiking/biking trails," Morales said.

Next up would be adding to and refurbishing Beal Park.

"Go from 12 soccer fields to 52 soccer fields and then we would improve the baseball fields that are out there," said Morales.

Reyes, Mashburn and Nelms would also be improved. The mayor adds all of these parks would get new parking, concessions and shade structures as well and help bring more tournaments to town.

"Why do we have to leave Midland, Texas every weekend to go play tournaments in other communities? Why can't we start bringing these families to Midland and enjoying it," said Morales.

But in addition to our parks, some major roads would also receive some much needed attention with the tax money, including one that's already being worked on.

"There's two additional phases that need to be improved on Fairground Road. These roads are in total disrepair and need improvement. Tradewinds Boulevard over at the sports complex is a brand new road that needs to be built. And then Mockingbird, Beal Parkway and County Road 60," said Morales.

Extending Wadley to 158 is also something that would be looked at. And while some Midlanders are skeptical about keeping this tax around, Mayor Morales says to look at the success it's brought to the Tall City.

"We see the results we've had with the sports complex. It has provided so much economic impact to the community," said Morales.

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