Mt. Rose Baptist Church kicks off Black History Month festivities this weekend

Mt. Rose Baptist Church kicks off Black History Month festivities this weekend

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Mount Rose Baptist Church on 211 N Tyler St will celebrate Black History Month for three days in the Basin. The celebration of black culture and art will kick off at the Palmer Activity Center in Midland starting on Friday. They're hoping to not only share black culture but also empower others of all backgrounds.

"We hope to open up people's eyes, to make people more culturally conscious." said event coordinator Jermaine Packer. "We want to start a conversation. We want to open that up and say, 'Hey, come and celebrate with us.' We aren't trying to make it awkward for you. We just want you to kind of see what our culture is. We want people to really enjoy themselves."

The event, called Unapologetically Black, will include an art show, live music, discussion panels and guest speakers.

Musicians and artists from around Texas are coming together for the event including musicians Adrion Butler from Dallas and Mo Life from Lubbock. One of the speakers is Trenton Herald, a youth pastor at Elevate Church. He'll be speaking to children on Sunday about where freedom comes from.

"Not only were there people in black history that fought for freedom but there was a man named Jesus who fought for our freedom before they even came and this is an even greater freedom," said Herald. "Just a freedom to be a child of God and to live life to the fullest. A freedom to walk out the plan that God has for you."

The event is free to everyone of all ages. Those attending will be able to experience and learn through black art, history and culture.

"It's for everybody," said Packer. "No matter what your race, no matter what your background, no matter what you're culture, come out and enjoy. We aren't going to make you uncomfortable in any kind of way, just enjoy black culture and black art."

Admission is free.

You can find the schedule on the church's website here.

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