Odessa homeowner reacts to house fire that destroyed his home

Odessa homeowner reacts to house fire that destroyed his home

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - An Odessa home in the 3500 block of Rocky Ln. caught fire early Monday afternoon.

"Yes, it's terrible," said Tao Huynhs, the owner of the home.

Huynhs has lived in the home since 1998 and it caught fire just as he and his son were headed out for lunch.

Before they could leave, Huynhs' neighbor flagged them down, telling them that it looked like a fire was blazing in their backyard.

"I ran to the kitchen, tried to look and the fire flamed through the kitchen door," said Huynhs. "Me and my boy ran out and called 9-1-1."

Odessa Fire Battalion Chief, Bobby White, said Monday's high winds made the house fire near impossible to contain. With gusts ranging from 15 to 25 miles per hour fanning the flames.

But they had to get control of it, so the department rolled out five fire trucks and made use of their aerial ladder.

"Anytime you have a self-ventilating opening on a structure, you have wind feeding into it," said White. "It makes the fire that hotter that much quicker. This fire spread fast because the wind was feeding it directly. Luckily, we had a captain on scene with experience, as all of our captains are who recognized the danger and got his crew out, because they were basically fighting a lost cause."

Huynhs said he is unemployed at the moment, and tragically, his home was uninsured.

Thankfully for him, Tracy Austin with the Permian Basin Red Cross was on scene to help and they are going to do anything they can.

"We know that the fire causes more than just property damage," said Austin. "The people that are affected are going to need longer term care. So we provide that initial financial assistance so that they can buy the immediate necessities that they need and find a place they can stay for the night or the next few days at least."

Huynhs said he does not know where he will go next, but is thankful for all of the help he's been offered so far.

The investigation into how the fire started is ongoing.

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