Local church gives back to their community

Local church gives back to their community

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - A local church gave back to the community this Sunday by giving free dinners to residents in Odessa. They say instead of eating together, they're feeding together.

"There's stories of the gospel of Jesus feeding multitudes, feeding into 5,000," said Reverend Dr. Joe Weaks. "We thought it would be fun tonight instead of having a meal tonight, take it to the immediate neighbors so this is just a way of meeting neighbors and paying forward an act of kindness to them to say we'd love to get to know you."

First Christian Church in Odessa spent their evening filling bags with ingredients for a free dinner filled with ingredients for a spaghetti dinner. The dinner was to open arms to members of their community and welcome them to their church.

"This is the idea of immediate neighbors, not as an expression of, 'You need help,' just an expression to share hospitality and share welcome," said Weaks.

The food was supplied by the church where they later dropped them off at residents' doors. For the past couple of months, the church has been meeting together for worship every Sunday night at Zucchi's Restaurant. With prayer and food, they continue meeting new faces and inviting even more this Sunday.

"This is our first time we turn it over and thought it'd be neat to take the meals out to people in our community," said Weaks. "We love practicing Jesus' message of making a point to sit down with as many people as we can."

They said it's the message they continue to spread of sharing kindness, welcome and hospitality.

"If we can turn our way of being that is one and welcoming and sharing of hospitality to the people around us, then it becomes second nature to share love, compassion and empathy with those that we share in the community with," said Weaks.

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