Red Cross encourages safety in poor weather situations

Red Cross encourages safety in poor weather situations

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Early Saturday afternoon, one male died in Ector County off of highway 158.

Texas DPS was investigating the accident and though they did not have much information at the time, it was believed the slippery road conditions caused the white truck to flip over on its top.

Cases like this are constantly seen in many places when storms pass through.

The American Red Cross, who deals in some crashes and other cases that deal with extreme weather have some advice for those who may not take the threat too seriously.

"If you can't see the road in front of you, you need to turn around and not try to cross," said Tracy Austin, executive director of the Red Cross in the Permian Basin. "Because you never know if the road is a low water crossing, if the pavement has been washed away or the bridge has been washed away. So the safest thing you can do is to turn around and not cross the water when it's over the road."

Austin said the Red Cross tells people in the Basin to have a safe place in their home they can go to if a storm hits while they're at home, especially if the wind speeds are raising quickly.

For those who may not think rain water will stop them, Austin reminded them just how strong the current could get.

"Water is one of the most powerful elements that exists," said Austin. "So it would be really smart to make sure you're prepared. Most of our homes are not threatened by floods but the streets are."

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