7 protesters arrested at Trans-Pecos pipeline in Brewster County

7 protesters arrested at Trans-Pecos pipeline in Brewster County

BREWSTER COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Seven protesters were arrested Saturday morning at a Trans-Pecos pipeline construction site.

Authorities say three people barricaded themselves at the gates of the Pumpco site.

Brewster County Sheriff Ronny Dodson says the protesters attached themselves to a 55 gallon drum of cement. Dodson says they put a PVC pipe through the side of the drum and stuck their hands in it and held onto a chain inside.

Those three people were charged with felonies. Four others were taken in on misdemeanor charges.

The whole ordeal took two hours to diffuse.

Linda Hand and Max Anderson were charged for criminal trespassing.

August Guang, Rockie Gonzales, Drew Delossantos, Christopher Coughlin and Liliana Sampedro were charged with illegal dumping, obstructing a highway or passageway, and criminal trespassing.

Dodson says there were about 30 people at the site holding signs.

The protesters refer to themselves as water and land protectors. They argue that the pipeline runs through sacred Native American land and believe it could leak and damage water supply.

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