Tips on buying a used car

Tips on buying a used car

(KWES) - Do you know what you should doing when buying a used car? Many viewers reached out because they were unhappy after purchasing a car that needs mechanic work done.

The Davis family is preparing for a big move cross country and now, trying to figure out how they will fix a car they just bought.

"We couldn't even get home. The battery exploded and we coasted into a gas station with my 11-month-old daughter in the car at 9 o'clock at night," said Michelle Davis.

The family bought the truck at what seemed to be a reputable dealer and it's been downhill ever since. Michelle says her husband didn't drive more than eight miles before the truck broke down.

"This was not just a car lot, used car thing. I mean this was an actually place where they specialize in this type of vehicle," said Michelle.

Roger Albaugh, service advisor at Lone Star Automotive, says a few years ago he had customers coming in with used car issues, but he hasn't seen it recently.

"I've actually been able to save friends and families large sums of money by doing comprehensive inspections," said Albaugh.

Albaugh says it's crucial before buying a used car to get it looked at by a mechanic.

"You want them to actually be able to lift the vehicle up, check for any kind of oil leaks. You want to check the suspensions. It is very important, especially out here. We tend to have a lot of rough roads," said Abaugh.
Albaugh also recommends you keep the mileage below 60,000 miles and make sure you do a thorough test drive to listen for any noises the car is making.

"You really have to be careful in what you are purchasing," said Albaugh

The Better Business Bureau recommends that before buying a used car at a small or recognized dealership, look up reviews of the dealership online. You should also check the car fax report for any accidents and the amount of previous owners. Always read the fine print before signing on the dotted line and ask if there is a 90 day warranty on the car.

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