Windy weather increasing fire danger in Permian Basin

Windy weather increasing fire danger in Permian Basin

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Several counties in the Permian Basin have already seen a few red flag warnings this year.

A red flag warning is to inform the area under the warning that the weather conditions are ideal for wildfires.

Although it's not Spring time just yet, the Midland Fire Department said they see a spike in grass fires when the warmer and windier weather picks up.

"Right now with Spring coming, we're going to have elevated temperatures, the relative humidity is going to go down and then with the high winds; anything can start a fire," said Midland Fire Department Battalion Chief, Brian McGary.

Midland County is currently not under a burn ban but the fire department said anyone in the community cannot burn after sundown or before sunup.

McGary also said if the wind exceeds 20 miles per hour or if the smoke is across the road way, you should not be burning.

In hopes of preventing wildfires, the fire department is asking for people to be aware when they are burning.

"We're asking the public to be careful when and watch what they are burning whenever they are barbecuing or anything that has to deal with fire," said McGary. "Call us as soon as possible and hopefully not burn whenever they don't have to."

For more information on Red Flag Warnings, visit the National Weather Service website.

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