New EKG technology now in ambulances in Odessa

New EKG technology now in ambulances in Odessa

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Timothy Moore never had symptoms of a heart attack until one day it just hit him while he was driving.

T.J. Mosely, Catheteriztion Director at ORMC said, "Instantaneously he had thrombosis and he had a clot in one of his major arteries and there was no warning to it."

Because of new electrocardiogram (EKG) technology used by Odessa Fire-Rescue and Odessa Regional Medical Center, doctors were able to see what paramedics were seeing on the road before Moore even got to the emergency room.

"Being able to do this electronically and having everybody prepared shaves 15-20 minutes off of the process of assessing the patient and checking the patients history as they come in  so we already know exactly what's going on," said Mosely.

Mosley said this equipment is the first of its kind in the area and is needed especially when the clock is ticking.

"At the fire department a lot is going on, someone is having a heart attack, you're having chest pains, you're trying to start an IV," said Mosely.

City officials along with Moore were on hand for Thursday's demonstration. Because of this new technology, doctors of patients in Ector County who are showing signs of a heart attack, know exactly what do when it's a race against time.

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