What to eat before and after working out

What to eat before and after working out

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The most important thing about food and workouts is the timing of food.

"If you've eaten a heavy meal and you go work out right away it could cause a lot of stomach distress because all the blood needs to go help your muscles and it also needs to work with the food so you're gonna have an upset stomach," Mia Gibson, dietitian and nutritionist at Medical Center Hospital said.

Food takes about an hour to digest, so if you eat and go work out right away you might regret it.

"You know it depends on how hard you're gonna work out like if you wanna do a leisurely stroll it would be okay to eat something," Gibson said. "But if you're gonna go work out and really challenge your muscles you need to wait awhile after eating."

Some suggestions for food choices before hitting the gym are a peanut butter sandwich, bananas, Greek yogurt with berries, oatmeal, an apple with peanut butter or nuts and raisins.

"Those are foods that have carbs and protein because carbs are really what we use for our muscles for energy," Gibson said.

If someone has worked out really hard, its crucial they eat about 30 minutes after.

"The body is really really good after you've worked out and those muscles are hungry," Gibson said. "When you eat, they refuel really quickly. If you wait too long that refueling is not as efficient so its really important so you need carbs and protein again."

As for suggestions after working out, Gibson said sandwiches and oatmeal make a perfect combination with a good work out.

And if you aren't feeling well from pushing your body, chocolate milk will help settle the stomach.

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