Midland based educational program up for $10,000 academic prize

Midland based educational program up for $10,000 academic prize

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - For almost three years, the 1 to 1 learning program has helped hundreds of high school students in Midland. Not only through tutoring but encouragement in area the student may need."

Kylie Hopper a Lee Junior said, "When you're in class there's numerous other students that need help and you can't get the help you need, so to come here and get personal help is a great thing."

Every Tuesday after school, is a chance for Midland Lee students to get extra help with their school work.

Edgar Rey, a Lee Senior said, "It's the main one I struggle with, English and Advanced Questioning & Reasoning (AQR)."

So Laurie Boldrick, a parent whose had children in the district decided to put together a program with the help of volunteers and local churches for students who are struggling in school.

"It really about empowering kids with education," said Boldrick.

Bolderick said the program started with Midland High students and has grown to include Lee kids. The tutors in the program are everyday people from oil field workers to even Midland ISD employees. The students added that they feel welcomed once they walk through the door.

"There's people of all walks of life and backgrounds and people from every class here to help," said Hopper.

"The more you interact the more you get into it. The more you get into it the more you feel free to be you," said Rey.

It's the inclusion plus the expansion to some junior high schools in the Tall City that Boldrick others hope they will be the winners of the Rather Prize when voting ends on Wednesday.

If you would like to vote click here:http://www.ratherprize.com/

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