Midland I.S.D. taking steps to ensure student safety

Midland I.S.D. taking steps to ensure student safety

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Four Midland Junior High students are arrested. They face charges, some include felonies. That's after an investigation into what happened on a bus trip, while returning home from a basketball game.

We reached out to the District Attorney's office, we're still waiting to hear exactly what the students are charged with but we do know two coaches on the trip have been fired by the Midland school district.

The school board terminated Irving Gomez and Rogelio Gutierrez. The former Goddard junior high coaches remain in jail on a $150,000 bond each. Both are accused of tampering with evidence.

It all involves a school bus trip coming back from a boys' basketball game. According to the affidavit, two students were sexually targeted repeatedly by other students. The arrest documents said it was all caught on the bus's surveillance footage. The report said the coaches intimidated students into deleting videos of sexual misconduct on the bus.

The Midland school district said they're taking what happened very seriously. They don't want it to ever happen again.

"It's just as unacceptable to the parents as it is to us. I don't know what to tell them besides I'm sorry that it happened, I'm truly sorry that it happened," said MISD school board President, Rick Davis.

In a statement MISD Superintendent Rod Schroder said the students' safety is their number one priority and will go above and beyond in protecting students from any threats to their safety while under the district's care.

"We hope that one, we're sending a message by terminating their employment," said Davis. "Whether it be the teacher or any staff member of MISD, this conduct is unacceptable. We hope that this will deliver the message district wide that this conduct is unacceptable and never happens again. We'll also be taking reviews about various thing that can be done to prevent this."

Davis said there isn't a need for more policies, just a need for current policies to be followed.

"Everything that they did was against their policy," said Davis. "Everything that they did as far as we understand, it shouldn't have happened. So we already have policies in place that make this unacceptable behavior. We hope this sends a message that we're going to enforce it."

We did get a chance to talk to a few other school board members. They said they have no additional comments and hope parents will continue to trust the school district.

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