Andrews citizens can voice their opinion on high-level nuclear fuel storage this week

Andrews citizens can voice their opinion on high-level nuclear fuel storage this week

ANDREWS, TX (KWES) - It's been a big concern for years as the debate on West Texas becoming a nuclear waste site continues. 
But you will be able to voice your opinion on the matter this week.

Waste Control Specialists is applying to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for a license to store high-level nuclear waste in Andrews County.

"There's 50-60 years of experience worth dealing with this," said Tom Jones with Waste Control Specialists. "We've partnered with companies that have been doing this internationally, they'll provide logistics and their expertise."

WCS said there are over 100 locations across the country where nuclear fuel is being stored. But the idea is to consolidate an interim storage facility, that's where Andrews County comes into play.

"We think it's a very bad idea to store this radioactive waste out in West Texas," said Director Tom Smith of Public Citizen. "It's dangerous stuff it comes from the inside of the reactor core. It's so dangerous that exposure to an unshielded rod for 90 seconds could result in death or cancer."

And this week, starting tomorrow, residents can voice their opinion to the NRC. They're holding a public meeting in Hobbs regarding a plan to build a high-level storage facility. The hearing is at the Lea County Event Center at 7 p.m. The hearing for Waste Control Specialists will take place in Andrews at the James Robert Center at 7 p.m. on Wednesday February 15.

Since part of the study involves holding public hearings, the NRC will explain the process and the WCS license. They'll take comments from the public in the environmental impact statement. An open house is set beforehand at 6 p.m. where citizens can mingle with the NRC and other groups attending.

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