Midland resident speaks out about 4B tax election

Midland resident speaks out about 4B tax election

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Mayor Jerry Morales is proposing a repurposing of the 4B tax plan, which would improve Hogan, Bill and Reyes-Mashburn parks in the city.

At least one resident, Robert Melendez, said this is a great idea.

"There are many things that we get taxed in this city and this is a family oriented situation we have out here," said Melendez. "Over 100 teams showed this weekend for this tournament, that helps the economy, hotels, restaurants, convenience stores. It's a win-win for this city."

Melendez said he constantly takes his child out of town for tournaments, something Mayor Morales recently told us he hopes he can change.

Melendez also said he doesn't see why anyone wouldn't want the tax to go toward improving the parks.

"Midland is the hub to produce a lot of tax revenue that comes from, obviously the oil industry," said Melendez. "It's a shame that we don't want to spend a little more on the youth and the family orientation that we have out here with team sports. I just think it's a great thing. We pay so many taxes for so many things, I think this is a good thing."

For those who may be on the fence and want the tax money to possibly go somewhere else, Melendez said to think about the community as a whole.

"You're not always going to get what you want," said Melendez. "We have to think of the whole community and the kids and sports are apart of that whole community. We pay into the tax base, we should receive some benefit from it."

The second reading is Tuesday at 10 a.m. in Midland.

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