Midland man creates a Trump Pizza for fun

Midland man creates a Trump Pizza for fun

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Rob Jenkins is a stand-up comedian, but he also operates the tie-dyed truck called the Peace of Pizza. It's where all the magic happens when he's making those pizza pies.

"These are my side projects when I'm not on stage, if you're not enjoying what you're doing for a living, that's a difficult life for me," said Jenkins.

But it's not just regular pepperoni or cheese, he's also the man behind The Trump Pizza.

The pizza is split in half by a Mexican taco pizza side and a Trump side topped with chicken and Cheetos. The pie began circulating on social media earlier this week, the response left some people finding the humor, while others that didn't.

"It wasn't meant to offend anyone," said Jenkins. "It wasn't offensive in my opinion. I checked with a lot of people before we did it. It doesn't really bother me to offend somebody cause to be honest, they probably weren't a customer of mine to begin with."

Jenkins said regardless of what political party you stand on, the idea of fun, creativity and pizza is all that matters.

"Even Trump supporters, hardcore Trump GOP republicans are like, 'That's really funny, you should go with it!' So we went with it," said Jenkins.

The Trump Pizza is available at the Peace of Pizza food truck, Jenkins said it will stay as long as the requests keep coming in.

"I have no time limit on it, I guess four years?"

Keep up with them on their Facebook page here.

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