Blessing Boxes popping up in Midland/Odessa

Blessing Boxes popping up in Midland/Odessa

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - You first heard about a Blessing Box when the idea started in Big Spring. Since we started covering the story, one blessing box turned into 13 and now these blessing boxes are popping all over the Permian Basin.

When people in the Midland/Odessa area heard about the Blessing Box, they knew they needed to bring this simple, yet wonderful idea to the community.

"We have a need for something like that here. We have a lot of individuals and families that really could benefit from the blessing box and I told my pastor and he said "absolutely, let's do it," said Ashley Henry with Life Change Baptist Church in Odessa.

Church Under The Bridge in Midland and Life Change Baptist Church in Odessa both have blessing boxes outside of their church.

Both churches they say have seen a great turnout.

"Every day it's used," said Henry. "It's been very successful, we're constantly filling it up."

The idea of the blessing box is pretty simple but it is one that is making a difference for many.

"The beauty of this blessing box is that they can come whatever hour they need it, they can come and use it. The other part is they can bring back stuff and I think that is important that we give them that option to give back as well. Even if it's just like one can of soup, they're paying it forward and their blessing other people and I love that we give them that opportunity," Henry said.

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