Where does the Permian Basin store their ketchup?

Where does the Permian Basin store their ketchup?

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Ketchup, you probably put it on a lot of things, sometimes without really noticing.

It's one of the few constants in life, usually the same color and taste, but one of the few things that changes is the temperature.

The argument began on social media, whether to put it in the fridge or the pantry, and was eventually picked up by National Public Radio

We asked our Facebook readers the question as well, an overwhelming majority of which said to put it in the fridge.

But there are some out there, like Marlin Foster, who don't agree.

"It doesn't make sense to put ketchup in the refrigerator," said Foster. "It's like putting hot sauce in the refrigerator. It's called hot sauce, not cold sauce."

Amber Bland of Midland says her family does a little bit of both.

"Honestly, we store it in the refrigerator," said Bland. "My mom's done that for years. When we first buy it, it's in the pantry, but then we move it to the refrigerator before we eat it."

Foster stuck to his guns though and said it doesn't make sense to even put it in the fridge.

"I just look at them like they crazy, it just don't make sense," said Foster. "If that the case, when you to a restaurant you'd have cold ketchup. It's sitting on the table, it belongs out."

However, whichever side people are on, they seem to agree, it's something they never thought they'd be asked.

"I don't know, I'm just like, who even thinks of that stuff" asked Bland. "Like, honestly, what does it matter what people like and what other people dislike?"

"Somebody sit here to set up an interview about putting ketchup in a refrigerator or leave it out," said Foster. "I mean, that's somebody that has a lot of time."

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