Downtown Midland Public Library introduces screen printing

Downtown Midland Public Library introduces screen printing

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Using a few colors and some cardboard paper, the Downtown Midland Library is bridging the gap between art and learning with their latest exhibit.

Annie Tillmann, Exhibit & Learning Experiences Coordinator for the Midland County Public Library said, "We really love to bring these experiences to Midland and the Permian Basin because it gives you a window into the world."

The library's Estamos Aqui (We Are Here) exhibit takes screen printing from artists out of Austin depicting the Latino culture.

"We wanted to create an experience so people can understand how those prints were made," said Tillmann.

What is screen printing? It's what graphic designers uses on t-shirts, bags and other things. At the library, its done by placing either a shirt or cardboard paper under a plastic screen. Then, the person designing goes over the screen with whatever color paint they like and after a few minutes…magic.

Hector Hernandez a Los Angeles based artist and instructor for the studio say screen printing is another form of communication.

"People do it through talking or writing books but it's just a different way of sharing knowledge I guess," said Hernandez.

Whether it's getting to work with your hands to create a design, which could get a little messy or you getting the opportunity to try and your own special piece, the next few weeks at the Downtown Midland Library will show education can be fun, one color at a time.

"Providing opportunities like this, the screen printing studio or the book collection that we build with every exhibit, allows people to kind of delve deeper into the content and explore and learn," said Tillmann.

The exhibit is free and open to the public until March 16TH. The screen printing studio is open until March 18th. You can bring your own printing screen if you want.

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