Program gives back to veterans with free dental or cosmetic surgery

Program gives back to veterans with free dental or cosmetic surgery

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Some veterans may not receive full benefits from the Veterans Administration. That's where Rebuilding America's Warriors comes in. One Midland dentist is giving back to veterans who struggle with dental problems.

"It's just a privilege to be able to be asked and to take care of these people," said Dr. Thomas Campagna. "I consider it a great privilege and honor."

Campagna has been practicing at Caldwell Dental in Midland for 12 years. He's involved with a program called Rebuilding America's Warriors, an organization that helps veterans with dental or cosmetic problems. The program gives vets free surgery, whether it be scars from wounds or dental problems after serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.

"The owner and the founder, Maggie Lockridge, sent me a veteran that I had taken care of, and asked me if I could take on another case and brief me on this situation, he had this terrible dental situation that seems to be happening quite often with a number of veterans that are coming back," said Campagna.

One of his is an Army vet who will be receiving free surgery. He hopes that veterans across the country are able to get the care they need from the program's doctors.

"You have to think Midland has a big population of military veterans," said veteran Matthew Allgood. "But you have to think of all over the United States of how many there is that have been through and are going through the same thing I'm going through. They don't even know about this program."

Dr. Campagna has been with the program for almost a year but has always helped out other veterans in the Basin. He said providing dental care to veterans is his way of thanking them for their service.

"I've been taking care of veterans from the VA in Big Spring, I've done that for about five years," said Campagna. "I support our troops, for me, to give a little bit of my time and expertise into helping their situation when they're not being taken care of by the government is a pleasure."

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