Most dangerous intersections in Midland for 2016

Most dangerous intersections in Midland for 2016

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The City of Midland released their final crash report for 2016.

While the total number of crashes was down from 2015 by 10 percent, there were still some major intersections that saw quite a bit of crashes.

Midland Drive at Wadley Avenue was the intersection that had to most reported crashes for the year. Followed by Highway 191 North service road at Loop 250 and Midkiff Road at Wadley Avenue.

The three intersections are also the intersections with the highest traffic volume when that is taken in to account.

"Obviously there's a direct link between the amount of traffic we have at the intersection and number of crashes we have at the intersection," said traffic engineer, Mike Pacelli.

Pacelli said this was overall encouraging to the City to not see an unusual amount of crashes outside of the normal high traffic, high volume crash patterns.

"We didn't have any intersections where there's low traffic volumes with a lot of crashes so that means we didn't have any locations that we need to specifically address," Pacelli said.

For 2016, the traffic volume also decreased and five and a half percent.

If the city happens to see an increase in volume like there was in 2014, Pacelli believes driver awareness is going to be the key in keeping the total number of crashes decreasing.

"Really the issue with traffic volume is just driver attention," said Pacelli. "People paying attention to what's going on around them, paying attention to the road and not to the phone, and observing the traffic controls, being courteous to each other, that's really the main issue we see as volumes go up."

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