Verk family speaks about Zuzu's life

Verk family speaks about Zuzu's life

ALPINE, TX (KWES) - Dental records confirm what everyone in their hearts knew to be true. Remains found in Brewster County belong to missing Sul Ross State University student Zuzu Verk.

The finding is a bitter end to the search for the Verk family who uprooted their lives in their efforts to find her.

The Verk family is devastated at the outcome but they said the entire family feels a sense of relief and now they're going to focus on getting justice.

"Nothing was normal. Life just hasn't been the same and it never will be," Zuzu's brother, Miles Verk, said.

Even before the remains were identified as those of missing Sul Ross State University student Zuzu Verk, her family was positive that their worst fear would come true.

"We always entertained the idea that she was OK and alive somewhere and the police allowed us to think that even though everything that they knew pointed in a different direction. They were kind enough to let us keep the hope that we needed," Zuzu's father, Glenn Verk, said.

Miles says he'll miss Zuzu's jokes and what he calls her weird sense of humor the most. He's also devastated that Zuzu won't get to fulfill all of her goals.

"She had plans to do so much. She wanted to travel, she wanted to do so much, she just wanted to help the world, she wanted to make the world a better place and she was taken from the world, taken from us," said Miles.

Zuzu's mother was the first to get the news and says the family feels a sense of relief that they know where Zuzu is. The Verk family says Zuzu isn't here anymore but they still feel her presence.

"There are no last words for her. She's always going to be in our heart and I will talk to her every day," said Miles.

"As will I so there are no last words. We don't have her on earth with us right now but she'll always be in our hearts," Zuzu's mother, Lori Verk, said.

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