Big Spring's Blessing Box grows to 13 in the city

Big Spring's Blessing Box grows to 13 in the city

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - It all started with one blessing box created by Eric Escamilla. Soon, Big Spring went from one box to 13 blessing boxes in less than a month.

"It's one thing for me to go out and do something but when people come together and people help people, good things happen," said Escamilla.

The idea behind the blessing box is simple. First, you take non perishable items and place them inside the box. That way, whoever is passing through can take what they need and leave what they can.

"It was not to talk about the things to do to help the city but actually getting out there and doing it," said Escamilla. "The call to action resonated with a lot of people, especially to those who see great ideas and that they could do it themselves."

Northside Movement in Big Spring has received Blessing Box donations and has helped Escamilla spread them throughout the city. The organization is working on a map to make the blessing boxes easier to find but give back to many with very little.

"Whatever you give us, we're going to take it 10 times farther," said Eddilisa Saldivar. "As far as we can go with it, whether it's a blanket, a coat, $10, we're gonna make it stretch enough so it's for the whole community."

The boxes are scattered throughout the city. Some are in places where the food is still stocked up. While others received hungry visitors.

"It's empty as you can see," said Shawn Cooley with Isaiah 58, a pantry ministry. "It was full Friday, the fullest I've filled it since I've been here. It hadn't been completely empty yet but today it was."

Escamilla still encourages anyone to play a part in the Blessing Box cause and act on it. What you have in your pantry might not mean anything to you, but can mean something to someone else.

"I see a lot of want and need for it, we want it to grow and grow," said Saldivar.

If you have non-perishable items or even necessities like shampoo, soap, coats or blankets, you can drop it off at the Blessing Box at these addresses:

  • 15th and Scurry in front of Eric Escamilla's office
  • Service Road in front of Fire Department in Sand Spring before Hooser Rd
  • NE 7th & N. Main
  • The Chalet at 115 E 2nd St
  • Goldrush Discount Tobacco on 800 E 3rd St
  • Isaiah 58 at 107 Runnels St
  • Hwy 87 and I-20 across from Exxon

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