Local veteran to receive free dental work Tuesday

Local veteran to receive free dental work Tuesday

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Matthew Allgood served in the army for eight years and has been out since 2013.

He said his teeth, which he were fine before, have been ruined by two things, an anthrax shot the military gives them combined with the contaminated water troops drink while overseas.

Although Veteran Affairs said they will help, there is the small text, which says one must be 100 percent disabled to get full coverage, something Allgood said made him feel betrayed.

"When you get back from being overseas they tell you, you're going to get five years of free health care," said Allgood. "But they don't entail, you're only going to get this, this and this. We're all still struggling to find more and better healthcare. Because a lot of it, we don't get. We don't get vision, we don't get dental. It's basically just a regular doctor checkup and that's it."

Thankfully for Matthew, and other vets like him, there is RAW, Rebuilding America's Warriors, who found a doctor to fix his teeth, free of charge.

"It's the best feeling that you can possibly feel," said Allgood. "Like I said, with me, my smile is a big self-esteem issue and I know it's a lot of people's. When you're struggling so bad for years and you're being depressed and stressed out because you're trying to get it fixed because you can't find nobody to go to. Especially when the VA is supposed to be there for you. But this program comes along, it's a lifesaver."

The doctor doing the operation will be Dr. Thomas Campagna in Midland.

Allgood said for those veterans who may be a bit down since they returned, keep your head up because there is a group out prepared to help.

"The faster you can do it, the faster you can be back to a better smile and get done with all the problems that you're having of trying to figure out where you're going to do or where you're going to do it," said Allgood. "Just get a hold of RAW and they'll get you fixed up really quick."

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