A family of mascots

A family of mascots

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - For the Greene family, mascoting is a family affair.

Colbie is Spike the Bulldog at Midland High and her father, Bishop, was the mascot for Midland College and Sam Houston State University almost 20 years ago.

Now, Bishop proudly gets to watch his daughter preform on the same stage he did all those years ago.

"I get to see my child preform right here on the floor where I preformed close to 20 years ago," Bishop said.

This father daughter mascoting duo also join together to be Slapjack at the Odessa Jackalopes games and Rocky and Juice for the Midland Rockhounds.

Being able to share these experiences is something that is special to the both of them.

"The respect level that we have ya know, is different from all my other children," said Bishop.

Bishop said his father's charismatic personality is what taught him to not be shy and is a big reason he got in to mascoting. This trait was passed down to his daughter at a young age.

"She has an outgoing personality and so that is the one thing that I make sure I protect because I don't want that to ever change," said Colbie's father.

Spike recently got back from preforming at the Citrus Bowl, her second appearance at this bowl game, and she balances school and mascoting for the three different teams gracefully.

Colbie will be a senior next year and is already preparing to take her talents to a collegiate level.

She says her top two mascoting teams right now are LSU and Auburn University.

Becoming a college mascot is not only a dream of Colbie's, but her father's as well.

"I look forward to the day where I can see my child preforming in some big stadium and ya know, I can just sit back and say, "Hey I helped her get there," Bishop said.

Colbie and Bishop say they have big things planned for Colbie's final year as Spike.

You can stay up to date with what Spike is up to on the Facebook page, Tight With Spike.

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