Keller residents praying for Verk family

Keller residents praying for Verk family

KELLER, TEXAS (KWES) - In a small suburb outside of Fort Worth, many are still baffled, trying to make sense of the disappearance of a bright-eyed college student.

"These things don't happen a lot in Keller," said Lauren Tally. "It's unspeakable. You don't take somebody's child away from them. You don't somebody's sister away from them."

Zuzu grew up in Keller before moving to Denton, then Alpine to study at Sul Ross University.

"She seemed like a sweet girl. Anytime anyone was around her, I'm sure that they had a blast. She seemed like a very sweet girl," said Tally.

Tally went to school with Zuzu's brother and although she didn't know Zuzu personally, like so many Keller residents, she has kept up with the case and it hit so close to home.

"Things aren't ideal always in our community, but anytime something like this happens, anybody and everybody around pulls together. Anytime that I've talked to about Zuzu has known exactly what I'm talking about. They've kept up with the stories. It's in our backyard," said Tally.

Now with the most recent developments in the case, many tell us they just want peace for Zuzu and her family.

"I hope that you know there are so many prayers being sent your way because you deserve everything, to know about what happened and you have a lot of support from Keller," said Tally.

Lori Verk, Zuzu's mother, has placed ribbons in their neighborhood to show Zuzu her hometown is praying for her.

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