Robert Fabian's family remains confident he is innocent after police search their home again

Robert Fabian's family remains confident he is innocent after police search their home again
Carrillo family (Source: KWES)
Carrillo family (Source: KWES)

ALPINE, TX (KWES) - As the Alpine community and Zuzu Verk's family wait for the identification of remains found is Brewster County, law enforcement believe those remains belong to the missing Sul Ross State University student.

Meanwhile, Robert Fabian, Zuzu's on and off again boyfriend is sitting in jail. Fabian is facing charges of tampering with physical evidence by concealing a corpse. His sister, Jocelin Carrillo remains confident that he's innocent.

"Everybody is focusing on my brother when somebody is out there sitting around saying, 'I got away with this,'" said Robert Fabian's sister, Jocelin Carrillo after a search warrant was executed at her home Saturday evening.

Carrillo's house is Alpine was swarmed by The Alpine Police Department (APD) twice that day. Once in the morning to arrest Robert Fabian, the second time police were looking for shovels, axes or anything that could be used to dig up the ground.

Carrillo said her family was cooperative with law enforcement while they searched this home because they have nothing to hide. Carrillo said Barbeque pit ashes and soil were taken from their house to compare to the soil where human remains were found.

"I've told them we're innocent, we had nothing to do with it," said Carrillo.

At this point Fabian had been in jail less than 24 hours, Carrillo said she has already visited him and he's holding on to several emotions.

"People forget that regardless of what they may say, what they may think, this is the woman he loves. Not loved, loves," said Carrillo. "He too doesn't understand why this is being done to him, to us, to Chris. But we're hoping just like everybody else that the truth will come out."

Carrillo said her family is respecting the pain the Verk family is in. Both families are processing the new discoveries made and hope for closure soon.

"I understand that their pain is a lot greater than ours but it's hurting us," said Carrillo "So don't believe in our innocence but our children are innocent. My children were asleep this morning, but ok, whatever needs to be done for this to be over."

Although many discoveries have been made the past couple of days, we're still waiting for more. APD said the affidavit for Fabian's arrest will be released Monday and the remains are expected to be identified Monday or Tuesday.

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