VIDEO: Candlelight vigil held in Alpine to remember Zuzu Verk

VIDEO: Candlelight vigil held in Alpine to remember Zuzu Verk
Zuzu Verk's family addressing the attendees at the vigil (Source: KWES)

ALPINE, TX (KWES) - Residents in Alpine, along with the family of Zuzu Verk, came together in downtown Alpine on Saturday to remember Zuzu.

Close to 100 people attended the vigil.

Glenn Verk, father of Zuzu Verk, said, "We are thankful too. We've expressed our gratitude in the past even when we didn't know where our daughter was and now we're pretty sure we know and this community continues to support us and love us and you've been patient and persistent. Your strength has given us strength. We're no stronger than any of you. Any of you who would've been put in the position that we've been in would've stepped up just like we have But you aberration, none the less, means the world to us. We will never forget this town, the people, for what you've done for us. Thank you. I hope this town continues to be the wonderful place that it is."

Lori Verk, Zuzu's mother said, "Just remember Zuzu. Remember why she came out here, why she chose to stay here, what she wanted to accomplish."

All the attendees ended the vigil by singing "Amazing Grace."

Watch the vigil below.

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